Sunday in the park in Chicago is a lesson on acceptance. Here we see people out for a ‘walk’ on Segways, while others enjoy lunch in a tent at Lake Michigan, and cars move along on Lake Shore Drive. All in a stones throw of Willis (Sears) Tower in the background. Photo: ‘Acceptance‘ – Color Photograph Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella

Speak Lord For Thy Servant Is Listening

Speak Lord for thy servant is listening: A black and white photograph of man in prayer. Prayer, especially in numbers, is much needed in this war torn world. But then so is listening, not only to God but to others. Photo: ‘Speak Lord For Thy Servant Is Listening‘ Copyright 2010 Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved.

Flowers In The Bush – Lomography Effect

A bright and colorful square photograph of pink flowers in the morning sunlight. God’s way of bringing happiness into the world. How does this inspire you to bring happiness into the world as well? Flowers In The Bush – Lomography Effect – Copyright Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved.

Autumn Colors in the Neighborhood

Photo: ‘Autumn Colors in the Neighborhood‘ – Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella – Deep in the season of Fall, red, yellow, and green sprinkle a neighborhood street in Midwest America. Before you know it the colorful ‘show’ will be over, as in the colorful seasons of life, it goes by so fast. Make each day count!

All Of Us Are Different, Yet Together

Photo: ‘Morning Sunlight Architecture City Of Chicago‘ – Copyright 2017 Frank J Casella. The London Guarantee and Accident Building, and Trump Tower Chicago.

I’m always intrigued with the juxtaposition of new and old in cityscapes.

What struck me about this view of Chicago architecture was the Illumination from the morning sunlight. Then what came into view is how these structures are from decades apart of each other.

Though each of these are different, they blend together with such beauty, especially when enveloped by the sun and shadows.

Much as in life, and in living our faith, all of us are different, yet together we can do great things that create beauty in this world… such as these buildings… especially when enveloped in faith in this love of the Lord Jesus.

In a similar way, as beauty from the morning light brings promise to prepare for the coming of the new day ahead, so too must we live our faith looking for signs in preparation for the beauty of the coming of the Lord.

Flowers in the Wetlands

A wildflower is a flower that grows in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted, even if it is growing where it would not naturally. In life we hear the term ‘bloom where you’re planted’, and many times we see this happens were it’s not intentional. However, both serve the purpose of bringing beauty to the world. Wild Flowers in the Wetlands – Black and White Nature Photograph – Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella

The Power of Prayer

I’m a firm believer in prayer. … and prayer in numbers. In the Bible, Chapter 18, verses 19 and 20, it says (Catholic version): “l Again, [amen,] I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. .. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”. ‘The Power of Prayer‘ Copyright 2012 Frank J Casella.

We Remember 9/11

Photo: ‘We Remember 9/11′ – Copyright 2016 Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved.

A Silent Parade Of Fire Trucks Only To Honor Those First Responders That Have Died In 9/11 And In The Past Years. Before The Parade, All The Participating Firefighters Gathered For A Church Service Honoring The Fallen and Victims of Terrorist Attacks.

On September 11th, let us all remember to pray for peace in America and throughout the world. Let us also remember the victims, the courageous first responders who lost their lives, and all of the families who lost loved ones in this momentous tragedy.

God of Love, Strengthen Us In Hope.

Goals Are Just Problems Waiting to Be Solved

Photo: The Bike Race – Black and White – Photograph Copyright 2010 Frank J Casella

Tons of material has been written about setting and achieving goals. Almost nothing has been written about intentions. Intentions are the foundation for goal achievement. Intentions are the power behind goal achievement. Intentions create both resolve and desire. The resolve and desire to achieve. What are your intentions?

In business, when you get your sales plan or sales quota, do you intend to achieve it? Or are you defeated the moment you look at it? How about that home project that you’ve put off? Or in developing your holiness?

Mentally change “gonna” to “intend.” I’m gonna lose ten pounds. I intend to lose ten pounds. Which do you think is more powerful? Intention makes things happen.

Here’s a way to begin understanding intention: take a resolution or a goal that you did not achieve. Write down why that achievement did not occur. Not excuses, the real why. Now write another paragraph on what you could have intended to do that might have made that goal, or that resolution, a reality.

Many people I know convert setting goals into problem solving. In other words, instead of setting a goal just look at that goal as a problem that needs to be solved. This method tends to make goal setting more digestible.

You may have a goal, or you may have been given a goal, but your intentions will dictate the outcome of the effort ( or lack of it ).