Delete the App, Use the Browser

Photo: ‘Purple Flowers by the Trail‘ – Color Photograph Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella.

My Love And Hate With Social Media.

If, like me, you don’t want to give up social media, because it’s not going away, but you do need a way to seriously cut back, the best way I have found is go off the usual path by deleting the apps and using a browser to access your accounts instead.

Many people don’t think of the browser as its own app or operating system, however, when you use a browser like Vivaldi it also blocks ads and trackers unlike using the apps.

Both the mobile and desktop browser versions are similar to using the social media apps, but with many of the same reduced features distractions. And if you are on Instagram (which I am no longer), then look at this feature of the Vivaldi browser.

You see, I learned from Cal Newport this solution that works extremely well at curbing my social media usage, the pared down version gave me a noticeably better experience. Less distractions, no noise, and better protects you from tracking and data mining.

One thing I do as an artist to keep it manageable, is follow no more than a dozen other artists whos work inspires me. Then a couple times a week I login to check out what they are doing, while I post my latest works. And doing it this way you don’t have to worry about the data mining as much, though it is still a good idea to use a privacy centered browser and platforms.

One final thought is to download the Vivaldi browser for desktop becuse it has a great side panel that makes social media like platforms shine. And their mobile browser works very smooth with platforms like Mastaton and MeWe.