Goals Are Just Problems Waiting to Be Solved

Photo: The Bike Race – Black and White – Photograph Copyright 2010 Frank J Casella

Tons of material has been written about setting and achieving goals. Almost nothing has been written about intentions. Intentions are the foundation for goal achievement. Intentions are the power behind goal achievement. Intentions create both resolve and desire. The resolve and desire to achieve. What are your intentions?

In business, when you get your sales plan or sales quota, do you intend to achieve it? Or are you defeated the moment you look at it? How about that home project that you’ve put off? Or in developing your holiness?

Mentally change “gonna” to “intend.” I’m gonna lose ten pounds. I intend to lose ten pounds. Which do you think is more powerful? Intention makes things happen.

Here’s a way to begin understanding intention: take a resolution or a goal that you did not achieve. Write down why that achievement did not occur. Not excuses, the real why. Now write another paragraph on what you could have intended to do that might have made that goal, or that resolution, a reality.

Many people I know convert setting goals into problem solving. In other words, instead of setting a goal just look at that goal as a problem that needs to be solved. This method tends to make goal setting more digestible.

You may have a goal, or you may have been given a goal, but your intentions will dictate the outcome of the effort ( or lack of it ).