Sunrise Cloud Reflection – Orton Effect

Photo: Sunrise Cloud Reflection – OrtonThe morning sun dances on the winter storm clouds above the silhouetted tree line in Illinois – USA.. (Orton Effect, is a photography technique which blends two completely different photos of the same scene, resulting in a distinctive mix of high and low detail areas within the same photo.). Nature Landscape Art Photograph Copyright 2022 Frank J Casella 

5 replies on “Sunrise Cloud Reflection – Orton Effect”

  1. Very intriguing. Does it include vignetting? Many of your images seem to have that feature and I wondered if this Orton effect contained it naturally or you always shoot with a vignetting lens.

    1. I use a software program called Ribbet for Windows, and push the button that says Orton Effect. Yeah, back when I used film cameras I did all those tricks with lenses and filters, but technology has evolved …

        1. BTW… I looked this up and I’m wondering. Do you edit your images online at the Ribbet site or did you download the program and work on your computer? Thanks.

          1. I started on the website online, and when I found that I liked it, I then download to computer. Been using it for a few years. The paid version has unlimited cloud storage for edited images.

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