One reply on “Lovers Reading by the Lake”

  1. Nature… relaxation… such a luxury now! 😢 This pandemic has shown that even simple access to nature can become not easily available.

    Here, we all have to be masked the moment we are out from home 😷. Taking down the mask in nature parks, just trying to get some fresh air, can feel awkwardly like an act of stealing 😓. At least for myself, I want to be cautious, making sure no human beings are in the vicinity within 5 to 7 meters? So that no one would be so fearful as to call some hotlines to report me, or when bumping into a social distance ambassador or a law enforcer, I won’t be issued a fine or a warning 🙈🙊.

    I am pretty sure I might be a bit too paranoid… because I have not seen any social distance ambassadors or law enforcers come spot checking in nature parks 😅😂 but yeah… the silly me still worries…

    Have a beautiful month of August! 🌿☕🍻🌴

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