Why Life Has Its Seasons

When I bought my house, my late father told me to not get attached to it. And the same goes for my neighbors, a few of them recently sold and move out of state.

Life has its seasons, and the people we meet are only for a certain time, then we meet others. And this happens for a reason, so we must trust that it is meant to be.

It brings different experiences, good or bad, to our life. Just like the leaves on the trees, and the sunlight and storms that pass each day.

Because it is through these experiences that makes it why we call it life. How we decide to live through, or respond to, these seasons determines who we become.

One reply on “Why Life Has Its Seasons”

  1. Hi… I like this post, and I especially like your ‘mission’ you wrote in the About Me section. You are exactly right here, God puts different people in your life at different times, sometimes to help or encourage you, sometimes to teach you. And I believe sometimes God puts some ‘not so good’ people in our lives to toughen us up a little, or to get us out of our comfort zone and get us on the move again for Him.

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