Are We Being Too Busy?

One of the things I have noticed, or learned, being isolated by this pandemic is that it’s okay to not be busy. I am often thinking ahead about what I need to do, and the slowing down of life recently has showed me how to be more intentional about how I use my time and the people I connect with.

One person I was talking with online said that a simple act that someone did when they were a child has still made an impact on their life several decades later. I think it is important, then, to remember that simple moments create big impact even if for a minute or too, and we should not be too busy to see this.

It is okay to not be busy to allow time to see what is happening around us now, in the moment, and not always looking ahead on what we need to do or be doing.

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3 replies on “Are We Being Too Busy?”

  1. I agree with this idea. This is when I can think and contemplate on how I’ve dealt with things I’ve experienced, when my conscience has a chance to work. This is also the time when I can hear the Lord the easiest.

  2. I’ve noticed that, too. I have time to think about what I am going to do, and what I have done. I’ve never been a fan of this “cult of busy,” always doing things just for the sake of doing things. I hope we can continue to be mindful in the future.

  3. So far, I like it, Frank. We, as humans in the 21st century, tend to give short shrift to thinking. The world around us incessantly screams, “Respond to this NOW.” With my own blog, I’ve been trying to post only when it would be meaningful to do so, and that generally entails having given whatever subject I’m writing about plenty of time to simmer in my brain. I look forward to reading more from you.

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