The Thing About Email Domains

Photo: ‘Friends Walking the Wetlands Trail’ – Color Photo Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella

Just thinking, I have to say that email service domain names are a bad online ID that we use for most everything. We all have an email address, or usually need one for subscribing to social media and the like, even though an email address was never meant to be secure (but that is for another blog post). Many of us got our first email address from our phone company or Internet Service Provider (ISP), but they all have awful domain names that benefit the brand more than those of us using them. And the free and paid services have mostly done the same. The two exceptions I know of are and, they have both a good brand name that says what they do and benefits the user, plus they offer dozens of other domain names to choose that say what we do. On the other hand, protonmail had a good name until it went to just ‘proton’, and (I have to mention because it hosts this blog) is a memorable name, though I think should do the opposite and change to (or or, it has a better ‘ring’ to it and personally makes me smile. As humans we often take the path of least resistance, and this is why I think there is no real demand for better email service domain names. As long as the service works and meets our needs, we don’t care if it benefits the brand we are using, never mind the best way for them to be in business is to serve the customer.