The Blogging Newsletters Problem

Photo: ‘Making memories in the neighborhood‘ – Chalk on the sidewalk photo Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella – It’s good to see in this day and age how kids in a neighborhood bond, and without the use of digital technology.

With blogging and newsletters, there’s a new problem – email service providers and email clients can’t keep up with privacy measures and deliver on the marketing promises in their ads.

Readers are missing important email content and it seems to be getting worse.

In an industry that is constantly moving forward, the future of publishing seems to be about meeting the reader/viewer/listener where they want to be. But I say speak from where you are, and make your content attract them.

These days, that means embracing the antique nature of RSS.

RSS is an old technology that many people still use, and it’s perfect for publishing because it allows you to send updates to your readers with a true “open” network.