Threshold – Monochrome

Sweet, silvery black and white of a tulip on sunlight. Photo: ‘Threshold – Monochrome‘ Copyright 2008 Frank J Casella.

Here we have a tulip flower that is opening up with the dawn of the morning light.

Faith and hope are just that … believing in the things not seen, and acting as if it’s going to be.

Much of our experiences and struggles can leave us with a scar, as like an injury on our hand so to speak.

Yet the thing about scars is that even though they may not go away, they do heal. As time goes on, and the scar keeps healing, sooner or later it can become not as noticeable … or be a reminder of perseverance.

Sometimes scars can be from relationships, our lives can be shattered, like a vase that falls off the table and breaks into many small pieces.

The good news is, that with time and healing in putting the vase back together, piece after piece, it may not look the same but can become instead a beautiful mosaic.

This is where threshold comes in. Each experience we have comes with it the doorway to a new day, a new era, a way to look at the past more intelligently for the future.

… A life filled with hope.

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