It’s Only One Day

Photo: It’s Only One Day – An early Spring sunset with silhouetted trees – Copyright 2015 Frank J Casella. (a soft effect is added to this version)

There’s many things in life that we feel are important.

Yet, the day we’re on our death bed will reveal if we’ve been right.

What is most important, I have learned, is to each day take care of unfinished business, and correct all that went wrong yesterday.

Because you never know what tomorrow will bring. On your death bed there are usually no second chances.

What is important to you today then, wont be tomorrow. In the age of the world, it’s only one day.

One reply on “It’s Only One Day”

  1. That’s true,because we don’t know what it will be tomorrow-it’s a secret,yesterday is a history, but today is a present, so we should be glad that it is but we can have a hope that the tomorrow will be friendly for us, too.

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