Where Is Your Faith

Photo: Where Is Your Faith – Landscape Photography Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella

Having faith sometimes is like looking into the clouds and seeing nothing, and yet other times like seeing colors in the sky.

There are circumstances where we have lack of faith, and other times where our faith has saved us.

The important thing, I think, is to learn from each what either didn’t work or what did. So that we can do better tomorrow.

Our purpose on earth, to those of us who believe, is to bring hope to the poor in spirit, and thus foster our own poverty through living out our faith.

2 replies on “Where Is Your Faith”

  1. Very good observation. What I find interesting is, many who say they have faith in God don’t seem to have the trust that goes along with that. Very much like the disciples in the boat during the storm, many of us don’t trust that Jesus cares about what is happening in our lives and that He’s ready to help us if we would just ask Him.

    As you mention in this post, we must set an example for others poor in spirit to show them that God is loving and someone we can trust.

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