The Benefits Of Being In Community

Photo: ‘Color Birdbath with Flowers’ – Copyright 2019 Frank J Casella: A red and yellow bird bath with purple flowers. and peeling paint.

When I saw this birdbath today, I not only noticed the textures and colors, but also thought about how birds are in community. A birdbath is like the community swimming pool. If you will.

With social media relevant today, why does it seem so many people say they are lonely? It is because our bodies are designed to have interaction with each other, to laugh with and touch each other. The power if a smile is priceless. Yet, there is so much of our society that works towards individualism, pulling us apart.

For example at my church here in America are a number of interest groups, like for youth, or scripture study, or expectant mothers, yet when we worship it is everyone together in community.

If you are into newsletters and mailing lists like I am, you are aware that you can now segment your subscribers into category lists. However, with the mailing lists that I manage, I keep everyone together in community. So that means I have separate categories in one email, and everyone gets (sent) it, they just look at the sections of the newsletter that interests them.

I think that community is where we grow by learning from each other. When we share our differences with each other we learn more (or ask questions) about ourselves. So to pull this all together, the birdbath is a symbol of nature, that God created birds to bath themselves not only to be clean but to have community … there is much in nature us humans can learn from.

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  1. I think, the reason why there are so many people who feel lonely today is because of what our modern day communities are teaching us. Our community leaders are teaching us to move away from God and rely more on ourselves (the community). This is where our unhappiness and loneliness comes from. Shed the world and it’s wicked teachings and walk with the Lord and you will never feel lonely.

    In the analogy of the birds and the bird bath, the example they set for community is a good one, but only because Satan is not tempting their hearts with want and covetousness. Unfortunately for humanity, the lack of control over our desires has caused our communities to have different results. And our egos and desire for “knowledge” has lead us far astray from God.

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