The Simple Things Are Profound

I spend much time reading blog posts and, more often than not, many bloggers seem to try to be profound rather than just being themselves.

By profound I mean to be far reaching in your thinking, or having great insight or understanding on a subject or topic.

The reality is, for most of us, the best way to be profound is to just keep it simple. As one of my mentors has put it, simple things make big impact. And this is very true.

Of all the things I have shared on my blogs over the years, the ones that have made the most impact are those where I thought I was being too basic or simple.

So, keeping things simple is more profound, than trying to be profound.

Are We Being Too Busy?

One of the things I have noticed, or learned, being isolated by this pandemic is that it’s okay to not be busy. I am often thinking ahead about what I need to do, and the slowing down of life recently has showed me how to be more intentional about how I use my time and the people I connect with.

One person I was talking with online said that a simple act that someone did when they were a child has still made an impact on their life several decades later. I think it is important, then, to remember that simple moments create big impact even if for a minute or too, and we should not be too busy to see this.

It is okay to not be busy to allow time to see what is happening around us now, in the moment, and not always looking ahead on what we need to do or be doing.

Have an enjoyable day,


First Thoughts

Update 3/11/2021: I’m including photographs to my blog posts now, as they contribute to my thought process.

There are several blogs I host on the internet that require action or response from the reader. So with this blog, my intent is to share my personal thoughts that are not meant to be monetized.

Those other platforms didn’t feel like the right place to do this, but once I learned from DuckDuckGo about the business model of Vivaldi browser, and how they use the WordPress blog software, this feels like what I have been looking for.

I plan to make a blog entry at least once a week, and hopefully more, that is NOT about my interests with photography, the Catholic Faith, manhood, or art, but rather everything else I might be thinking about and just need to write it down.

Thinking is a rare commodity in our world today, especially with the distractions of our information age. It is important now to be mindful how we are intentional about blocking out time with our own thoughts.

For example, it is said how the late Abraham Lincoln, when he was President of the United States, would spend much time in pure solitude with the decisions that he had to make after he got feedback from his advisors.

So I hope that you enjoy this blog, and come back to it often if it speaks to you. I don’t expect you to comment, because this blog is more about my thought process and I hope you can benefit from it.